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Welcome to the 46/7 Childhood cancer Awareness Campaign
Most of you know how serious we are about the sometime overlooked topic of Childhood Cancer Awareness. We have taken part in everything from bake sales, fishing tournaments, 5k Runs, and numerous Walks to help raise as much money as we possibly can for Childhood cancer Awareness and Research. Everyone who lives, or has lived, in the "World of Childhood Cancer" knows how utterly disappointing it is to see the 'other' cancer foundation's getting all the attention from TV, News Paper adds, and even Sport teams wearing colored clothing. Did you know that most (87%) of the funds collected, and donated for Childhood cancer research are collected by Families and Friend's of Families directly affected by Childhood Cancer. Each Cancer Kid would have to stand on his corner with his / her hand out, and hope someone will notice them. It is up to US to not only care for our seriously Ill Children, but having to sometimes 'beg' for help of any kind.

** 46/7: Every School day in the US 46 Children are diagnosed with cancer, and every School day 7 Children will die from their cancer(s). These statistice are what we were told when our Son was diagnosed in 2002, and these statistics are the foundation for FortySixSeven.com. Childhood cancer statistics vary widely so you may or may not subscribe to the same statistics that we do. In any case....so much more needs to be done.

Our Son was diagnosed with ewings sarcoma in his right femur at the age of 10 in 2002. He underwent 9 months of treatment. The tumor was pathologically deemed 100% killed, and his hip, femur, and knee were replaced with an implanted expandable prosthesis which was surgically lengthened as he grew. In October Of 2003 we learned that the intense chemo therapy treatment he had received had destroyed his bone marrow's ability to produce healthy blood cells, and he developed MDS (meylodisplastic syndrome), a pre-leukemia which if left to progress it would have resulted in AML in a matter of months. He now needed a successful bone marrow transplant to survive. He was placed on the bone marrow registry and within 3 days, a perfect match was located (25 yr. old Male in Minn.). The Donor, George H. Was contacted and more testing was done to see just how "perfect" the math was. The match was a 10 out of 10, and he had agreed to the transplant of his actual bone marrow. On Mar. 4th 2004 the bone marrow transplant was done, and was a complete success, with minimal side effect's throughout the 6 month long process. We had the opportunity to meet George a year after the transplant, and have been in contact with him and his Family since then. Billy, our Son, has graduated from the University of South Florida with a BS Degree in Marine Biology with a Chemistry minor. He started his Master's in August 2014 and is Thriving. My Family is committed to doing whatever we possibly can to raise awareness, and funds for Childhood cancer research and the Families directly affected by Childhood cancer(s); for we are forever grateful to everyone involved in saving Our Son's Life.

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